The Licenciature in Ecclesiastical Resource Management with Emphasis in Pastoral(LARE) is directed to those who are involved in the ministerial exercise(pastors, leaders, professionals). This degree consists of 8 courses offered in 3 modalities of study (classroom, online, and videoconference in some locations), a seminar for the development of the project grade and a supervised ministerial practice.
To obtain the degree are offered 3 possible ways 1)The development of an integration project, 2)an examination grade, 3) or supervised professional practice.

The specific objectives of this program are threefold:

  • Provide a first level of posgraduate to the students who have completed a Bachelor of Theology.
  • Provide an spacialization in the theological biblical content applied to the pastoral.
  • Provide an emphasis on the use of church resources to respond to the contemporary reality.

Profile of candidate:

  • Have assurance of God’s call to pastoral ministry.
  • Be committed and actively involved in local church ministry.
  • Cultivate a devotional life and practical holiness and updated this daily.
  • Demonstrate interest and personal discipline to the study.
  • Witnessing to a high degree in the Christian quality of your relationships.

The requirements for registration as a student in this program are:

  • Completely fill out the application for admission to the program.
  • Completion of secondary education.
  • Completion of an Universitary Bachelor in biblical, theological and ministerial studies with a weighted average minimum of 80 percent.
  • Recomendación ministerial de su inmediato superior (Pastor, Superintendente)
  • Recommendation from a teacher in the area biblical or theological.
  • Recommendation of a active leader layman of the church who has enough time to know.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Photocopy of high school diploma.
  • Photocopy of title and a official transcript certified of all biblical theological studies.
  • Photocopy of identification document (identity card or passport).
  • If you have other studies, attach copy of transcript.
  • Cover the costs established by the theological institution.

Graduation requirements of the program are:

  • Have passed all courses in the curriculum.
  • Successfully completing the supervised ministerial practice.
  • Completing and adopting practical work of degree.
  • Keeping up with your payments to the institution.

Title and grade that is given:

  • Licenciatura en Administración de los Recursos Eclesiásticos con Énfasis en Pastoral.

El título que se otorga tiene un valor eclesial.

For more information about the program can communicate:

Lic. Franlym Peña
Coordinador de programas de pregrado y grado.
Karla Montero
Registro Académico programas de pregrado y grado
Teléfono: +506 2285-5914
Fax: +506 2285-5918
Apartado Postal: 3977- 1000 San José, C. R.

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    • TP – Teología Práctica (20 Créditos)
      • TP541 Bases Bíblicas y Teológicas del Ministerio
      • TP542 Psicología Pastoral Avanzada
      • TP543 Predicación Expositiva Avanzada
      • TP544 Pastoral Contemporánea
      • TP545 Iglesia, Cultura y Misión
    • CC – Ciencias de la Comunicación (4 Créditos)
      • CC581 Psicología de la Comunicación
    • CH – Ciencias Humanas (4 Créditos)
      • CH582 Psicoterapia de la familia
    • PD – Pedagogía y Didáctica (4 Créditos)
      • PD571 Didáctica Avanzada
    • PP – Práctica Profesional (2 Créditos)
      • PP591 Práctica Ministerial LARE
    • IT – Investigación y Tésis de Grado (0 Créditos)
      • IT591 Seminario Proyecto de Grado
      • IT592 Proyecto Integrador
      • IT593 Examen de Grado
      • IT594 Práctica Profesional Supervisada

    8 Materias, 1 Prácticas, 1 Seminario, 1 Trabajo de Grado
    Total 34créditos

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