The objective of the School of Leadership is to “work with the local church in the training of the saints for the work of the ministry, emphasizing basic Bible theology and the development of God-given gifts for the service of the local congregation and society.

The three specific objectives of this program are the following:

  • Develop the ministry gifts of the local congregation.
  • Multiply the service ministries in the church and the community.
  • Encourage the congregation to service in the many professional ministries.

Entrance requirements as a student in this program are: :

  • Should have finished the previous levels of discipleship.
  • Being an active member in his local church.
  • Complete the registration form
  • Cover the costs established by the theological institution
  • Is provided with the cost of a module or course of self-teaching materials.
  • The study group is led by a teacher may be another local church leader or a leader invited.
  • Students should read the module before the class.
  • The student must attend class sessions required.
  • Each course runs for 8 sessions of 60 or 90 minutes.
  • The place and time are scheduled by the local church according to his need.
  • Each lesson combines the reading with an exercise in practical ministry that the student must perform.
  • It is necessary that the students to conduct a final review that integrates the material of the module.

For more information about of the School of Leadership Program:

Lic. Franlym Peña
Coordinator of undergraduate and graduate programs
Teléfono: +506 2285-5914
Fax: +506 2285-5918
Apartado Postal: 3977- 1000 San José, C. R.
E-mail: .img@.img
E-mail: .img@.img

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Basic Courses (8 sessions each) Ministerial Specialties (6 courses each)
  • Descubriendo mi vocación en cristo
  • El ADN de los nazarenos
  • La Adoración como estilo de vida
  • La Biblia y su mensaje
  • Principio para la vida cristiana
  • Liderazgo ministerial
  • Ministerio juvenil
  • Misiones transculturales
  • Evangelismo
  • Discipulado cristiano
  • Ministerios de compasión
  • Comunicación y literatura


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