Alumni and Current Students of SENDAS Invited to Johannesburg


From March 23-26, 2014 the Nazarene Global Theology Conference was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference addressed “Critical Issues in Ecclesiology.”

The Nazarene Seminary of the Americas was well represented with a total of 31 persons, including current students and alumni of the institution from the 1970s up to present day (this number represents more than 10% of the total participants in the conference). SENDAS congratulates those who were chosen to participate from the USA/Canada Region, the Mesoamerica Region and the South America Region as this event is crucial for the life of the denomination.

In addition, five of SENDAS’ alumni were invited to present at the conference. Dr. Jorge Julca was one of four scholars who summarized the presentations (his area was “context”). Marco Velasco and Carlos Abejer were panellists and wrote concerning the topics of “Influences on the Nazarene Organizational Structure…Where are We?” and “The Church and Wesleyan Theology: Analytical Perspectives and Implications of Wesleyanism for Latin America.” Dr. Monica Fernandez also served as a panellist answering questions about her essay, “How to be the Family of God in the World of the 21st Century?” It is worth mentioning that she was the only Latin American woman represented on the panel. Finally, Dr. Ruben Fernandez moderated the debate on the topic of “History.”

SENDAS is thankful to God to have been able to contribute greatly during these 44 years, preparing key leaders to serve the church on the continent. Just to mention a few leaders, the current Regional Directors for Mesoamerica and South America (Dr. Christian Sarmiento y Dr. L. Carlos Saenz), the President of Global NYI (David Gonzalez) and the Director of Multicultural Ministries for USA/Canada (Dr. Roberto Hodgson) have all passed through SENDAS’ classrooms.

If you have studied with SENDAS (in Costa Rica, in extension centers or online/videoconference) and would like to participate in SENDAS’ Alumni Association, please send a note to

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