Babies Grow and the Church Develops

Being assisted remotely from Costa Rica by Andres Fernandez – the leader of Technological Excellence in SENDAS – the Rev. John Burge, a retired missionary who is now helping in the Mesoamerica Region, and Dr. Ruben Fernandez, Coordinator for Regional Education and Clergy Development, delivered videoconference sets to the islands of Aruba and Curacao.  These sets will be utilized for ministerial education, offered by the district, with the headquarters in Surname.  The courses will be taught in Dutch, English and Creole, depending on the need, under the authority of Caribbean Nazarene College in Trinidad and Tobago with the support of professors from STNH in Haiti.


The island of Curacao is the most recent location in which the Church of the Nazarene has been working, beginning in 2014. The congregation meets for the moment in the home of the Pastor, Jonathan Petrus. When Dr. Fernandez was looking for a place to set the video conference system for testing, he asked Jonathan, “Can we use this for now?” as he pointer to the high chair.  “Of course,” responded the pastor, “Honestly, we don’t use it anymore since our babies have grown.”  So, the high chair had the perfect height so that the students would be seen by the camera from the chairs in the living room, right next to the television monitor.  “It worked perfectly!” shares Dr. Fernandez.


Jonathan plans to use the equipment not only for formal theological education, but also for the development of the new church in areas such as evangelism, discipleship, and district workshops among other ways.


The babies grow and the church develops!

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