Christian Academy of Language and Learning (CALL) Experiences Continued Growth

The Christian Academy of Language and Learning (CALL), a ministry of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS) continues to grow in 2014. With students from MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU), volunteers from Indiana and two retired couples from Missouri and Washington, the CALL program is filled to capacity.

Hannah Trott and Kara Quinn from MNU arrived in early January and in addition to student teaching at a local private school, they studied Spanish each week with CALL. They completed five weeks of student teaching and 25 hours of CALL classes before returning to the USA on February 8. The MNU student teaching program in Costa Rica has been a huge success already hosting 15 student teachers in two years.


Lucas and Liz Gentry are volunteer missionaries serving with SENDAS. Lucas and Liz have a variety of responsibilities including preparing videoconference equipment for the field, teaching English as a Second Language, and assisting in the bookstore. They have been taking classes with CALL since September 2013 and will continue their missionary service until September of 2014.


Ted and Lori Bruce are no strangers to mission service. Lori is the Nazarene Mission International president for the Missouri district and Ted has traveled with many Work and Witness teams throughout the world. They feel God leading them to serve in a Spanish speaking country and therefore are studying Spanish for two months with CALL.


Gary and Naomi Faucett also feel a call to serve in a Spanish speaking area and arrived in January to study for more than two months with CALL. This is their second trip to Costa Rica for CALL, with plans to continue language study in August and September of 2014.


In addition to on-campus classes, CALL also offers video courses. In the last year, eight students have taken courses online to continue their studies.

God has greatly blessed the CALL program since it began in the fall of 2010. If you would like to learn Spanish in a beautiful, relaxing environment with professors trained to meet your learning style, Costa Rica is the place for you. Click here to view the CALL website:


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