Continuing Education Web Seminars Offered at SENDAS

On August 2, SENDAS offered their first Online Continuing Education course designed for pastors and leaders on the Mesoamerica Region.  The course was entitled “Salud Integral de Ministro” or in English “Holistic Health of the Minister” and was taught by Dr. Samuel Perez from Puerto Rico.  The class was held on five consecutive Friday evenings for two hours.  There were students from many different countries including Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the United States of America.

Utilizing the delivery system called “Web Seminars” and the online platform called Adobe Connect®, the class of 17 students was able to hear and see Dr. Perez as he lectured from his office in Puerto Rico.  Additionally, the students were able to converse with the professor and with each other to give comments and share experiences.

Various topics were discussed in the course including these:  the theology of health, self-care, holistic health issues, interpersonal relationships and the disciplines of a healthy pastor.

Esdras Jimenez, the mediator for the class, assisted the students to enter the platform and participate in the discussions.  Additionally, he made the class more dynamic by posting questionnaires so students could respond in real time.

Rev. Edwin Martinez, one of the students in the course said this about the class: “The course was excellent especially in that it encouraged pastors to reflect on the issue of holistic health…it is important to apply to personal health issues the proper eating habits and rest.”

This course was the first of many to be offered by SENDAS, helping the pastors to fulfill the requirements for Continued Education Units (MANUAL 426.6). The next course will be offered during the month of November on Friday nights from 6-8 p.m. (Costa Rica time zone). The name of the course is Fundamentos Bíblicos y Teológicos de la Familia” or in English “Biblical and Theological Foundations of the Family.”  All the courses are taught in Spanish.

If you would like to be part of the next Continuing Education course through SENDAS (in Spanish), please click in this link 




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