NorCal Work & Witness Team: Youth Making a Difference

As part of the partnership formed in May of 2017, a Work & Witness Team team from the NorCal District of the Church of the Nazarene arrived to Costa Rica on Wednesday, June 13. The team would spend a week at SENDAS working on various projects. They divided their work helping with three different tasks.

First, they contributed to the renovations of two small, old apartments. The apartments were repurposed into locker rooms for the new soccer complex. This project is a small part of a larger plan de for the Soccer Academy Project, with the goal of “taking the children out of the streets, teaching them Christian principles.” This larger project will include adding lights, flattening the pitch, and adding parking adjacent to the existing soccer field. A newly renovated field will allow SENDAS to better serve the community enabling teams to use the field after dark.

The group also spent time helping to build a retaining wall on the edge of the property. The work was slow – definitely not glamorous – but very important, nevertheless.

NorCal also gave some of their time to planting a new area of small Christmas trees which will come to maturity in two years. Selling Christmas trees each November and December continues to be a significant source of income for the Seminary. The team’s work on all three of these projects was greatly appreciated! One day during their week-long stay at SENDAS was spent at a local daycare known as the Bambi Center.  This center cares for children ages birth through 12. While there, the team spent time with the children and installed a basketball hoop.

We are thankful for the NorCal District who has partnered with SENDAS to help complete projects around campus as well as the surrounding areas. Thank you for your selfless giving of your time and treasure to the expansion of God’s Kingdom!

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