Graduate of SENDAS Successfully Completes Term as Congressman in Peru

There are many SENDAS graduates who have served as pastors, counselors and ministers in their communities, but also we have graduates who have served in the public sector and government of their respective countries. Eduardo Nayap Kinin is one of the SENDAS graduates who was elected to serve his nation.  He is a graduate of the license program in theology from SENDAS from the year 1984.


Nayap is originally from the Amazon Region and he is from the Awajún ethnic group.  He studied in Trujillo, Peru before moving to Costa Rica.  In Costa Rica, he worked with the Economic European Community (Comunidad Económica Europa) in Puntarenas from 1994 until 2008 in the area of rural organization and training. Also, he worked with World Vision International (1999-2004) assisting in the area of Christian commitment and after that from 2008-2010 in the area of social studies, economics and politics in the city of San Jose.

In the elections for the parliament in Peru on the 10th of April 2011, he ran as a congressional candidate for the Amazonas area for the party Gana Peru (Win Peru).

He was elected to the Congress for the years 2011-2016. He is the first from one of the Amazonica ethnic groups to be elected to the congress in the history of the country.

We are very proud to have so many graduates making a difference in the world just as graduate Eduardo Nayap Kinin has done. He is an example of Christian service.

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