Interview with SENDAS Graduate Mauricio Valverde


Mauricio Valverde studied at SENDAS in 1984 and graduated with a License degree in Theology. Currently, Mauricio is the Director of the Pastoral College of the Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation. SENDAS and the Evangelical Alliance have recently signed an agreement so that the students of the Pastoral College can continue their studies at SENDAS.

What is it that made you study theological education?

Basically, it was the call of God that pushed me to work in ministry. From the beginning, I always considered the need to join my ministry and my life with training in theological education.

What did your time at SENDAS mean to you?

It impacted my life. That is the best phrase to summarize it. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and an experience that not only impacted my ministry life, but also my personal life. I had the opportunity to study in other theological institutions throughout my life, but SENDAS made an impact. It impacted me and formed me….it formed me in many ways. I am a fruit of what SENDAS provided to me as a student.

As the Director of the Pastoral Training program, what message would you like to send to students about formal academic training?

Preparation is something that never ends. At least this has been my experience. My experience has been that I complete one cycle and then begin another as God provides. We never reach the end. There is always something that God can teach us, always something that an institution like SENDAS or another can contribute to our lives.

The motivation behind the pastor should be this: the more I can study, the better.
And of course this allows one to give the best possible service for the work that God has placed in our hands.

What expectations do you have now concerning this new agreement with SENDAS?

We are very pleased to have this new agreement. We believe that many of our students in the pastoral training program are going to benefit from this as they continue their formal education. Truthfully, it is an expectation that many of our students ask about when take classes with our program. They are always asking, “Where can I continue my studies?”

Now that this agreement is official, it opens a huge door for our students so they can come and receive theological education at this institution (SENDAS).

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