Licence Degree from SENDAS Successfully Restarted in Cuba

In the month of May, Dr. Fletcher Tink arrived in Cuba to teach the course The Church, Culture and Mission as part of the License Degree in Administration in Church Resources with emphasis in Pastoral. The course is the second in this new cycle and was taught in two districts in Cuba: The East District and the West District.


The license degree is an advanced degree at SENDAS which is between the bachelor and master’s degree. There are more than 40 students in the two districts in this program. The program has 34 credits and take two years to complete. Three times every two years, SENDAS will send a professor to Cuba to teach. The other professors are Cuban graduates of SENDAS or professors like Dr. Tink who arrived in Cuba to teach this excellent course.


Loysbel Perez, Vice-President of Academics of the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Cuba, shared these words: “After so many years away from the classroom as a student, it has been a joy for me to reconnect with ministry colleagues with whom I studied in the past and who now have years of experience in ministry, as well as to connect with others who have recently begun in ministry. And as nothing happens in our life beyond the purpose of God, this degree is contributing much to my personal, family, and ministry life.”

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Most of the students are pastors in Cuba. This program is just one aspect of completing the mission of SENDAS to prepare ministers to expand the kingdom of God in that nation.

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