New Lifelong Learning Course for Professors hosted at SENDAS

From April 3-6, 2018, continuing education workshop for the teaching staff was celebrated on the campus of SENDAS in San José, Costa Rica. 

The theme of the training was “Education by Focusing on Competencies.” Dr. Tomas Vazquez from Chiapas, Mexico was the invited special presenter.  

Professors from SENDAS involved in ETED and in the bachelors and masters programs gathered to attend the workshop.

SENDAS firmly believes that its professors are the key in the process of teaching and learning, and that in the face of the challenges that confront us in faithfully communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ, our teachers need to sharpen their habits regarding the teaching-learning relationship.

The gathering received an excellent response and was well-attended. The commitment of each teacher during the sessions was above all the desire to learn a new educative focus shown by their enthusiastic and active participation during the workshop.

This is only the beginning. We hope to continue soon what he have started. At SENDAS we say “the best is yet to come!”

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