New Theological Books for Educational Centers in the North District of Costa Rica

The educational centers in Ciudad Quesada and Alajuela Central received donations of books for the development of the Course of Study Ministry Preparation Program. The resources include between 35 and 45 books including commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and books about leadership, counseling and pastoral development. The donation came from the Books for Pastors offering.

ETED  Alajuela DN-CR


These two educational centers have shown significant growth and have maintained a regular calendar of courses. The pastors, Jose Narvaez in Ciudad Quesada and Sara Martinez in Alajuela received the donations representing their respective center and demonstrating their commitment to theological education.

For the month of March 2015, four educational centers in the Costa Rica North district began videoconference courses under the leadership of Eida Herrera, the Director for Course of Study.

We give thanks to God for these resources for theological education. They will be utilized and appreciated by the professors and students as they learn and share together.

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