SENDAS Partners with Latinos Adelante to Help High School Students in the USA Earn GEDs

On Saturday, February 13, 2021, Hispanic high school students in the USA gathered for their first GED (General Education Development) class through a new strategic partnership between SENDAS and the Latinos Adelante Initiative. Forty students participated in this new alliance with the goal of helping Hispanic students move forward in their holistic formation.

This project was born out of the understanding that having a high school diploma is key to opening doors for future study. For example, for obvious reasons, to receive a bachelor’s degree in theology from SENDAS, students must have a high school diploma. They can receive a diploma without having finished high school, but to advance in theological studies, a high school diploma is required.

Because of the importance of a high school diploma and realizing that many Hispanic students in the USA have been unable to complete high school, conversations with Latinos Adelante began. The fruit of those conversations was to begin this new alliance to help Hispanic students in the USA earn their GED to help not only receive an academic minimum but to prepare the way for future studies as well.

SENDAS hopes that all students involved in this initiative will benefit from completing their high school education via the GED. The classes are taught by Professor Monica Marquez of Latinos Adelante.  She already has helped a number of students of SENDAS on the Kansas City District to reach that goal successfully.

As an institution, it is a privilege for SENDAS to be involved in the development of Nazarene Hispanics in the United States. Receiving a high school diploma has the potential to transform the lives of those who make the effort to complete the requirements for a GED. As a seminary we want students to thrive in all areas of their lives as well as to continue to more advanced levels of education in their theological preparation.


Rev. Andres Fernandez, undergraduate studies coordinator said, “I would like to thank Professor Monica Marquez and Latinos Adelante initiative for allowing us to collaborate in this program. SENDAS will charge absolutely nothing to manage these important classes as each student continues working with the teacher to receive their high school diploma. As coordinator for the program on the part of SENDAS, I hope to receive many testimonies in the coming months of students who have advanced in their studies.”

The program instructor, Monica Marquez, says:

“For me it was a joy to share with and engage in excellent communication with the members of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS). I feel very thankful for their help and support to the GED program in Spanish.  My thanks to Pastor Andres Fernandez for opening the doors of the seminary.  What a privilege to work for a theological institution who is concerned about excellence in education both with as well as outside of its classrooms.”

If you are interested in this initiative, please contact Professor Marquez through the following email:

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