Pastor Miles McPherson studies with CALL

It was through a contact at Point Loma Nazarene University that Pastor Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor at The Rock Church in San Diego, California, learned of the CALL Language School. The Rock Church has an attendance of approximately 16,000 each week, either online or in person.

Pastor McPherson decided to spend twelve days in Costa Rica during his summer sabbatical in order to improve his Spanish language skills because he will be sharing his testimony in Spanish this fall at a large event in California. While in Costa Rica, Pastor McPherson completed 38 hours of CALL classes.

In addition to studying, Pastor McPherson also ministered to others while in Costa Rica. Through connections with the Los Angeles Church of the Nazarene, located near the SENDAS campus, Pastor McPherson led training on the topic of “Reaching Your Community.”

The Rock Church is committed to providing “over 275,000 hours of ‘city-transforming ministry service’ ” to the San Diego area and world in 2013.

Pastor McPherson’s insights challenged the Los Angeles Church to examine their own community and make a difference for Christ by being active in their neighborhood.

“Pastor Sirlene Bustos from the Los Angeles church said, “I am thankful to the Lord for the visit of Pastor Miles who invited us to adapt and adopt the four principals of The Rock Church in San Diego. I have always believed that God sends his servants to do very special work and without a doubt Pastor Miles arrived at the perfect time in Los Angeles, Costa Rica.”

We share with you this short interview with Pastor Miles McPherson.

1. What surprised you about the Costa Rican culture? “All the rain!”

2. In your short time here, did you feel you were able to gain more understanding in Spanish? “Absolutely! The classes and language partner time were invaluable. Gaby is fabulous.”

3. Did you make any funny Spanish blunders that you care to share? “Too many to count!”

4. In what ways were you able to participate in ministry while in Costa Rica? “I was able to teach to the local church our system of community outreach by making a presentation to the church board and speaking in Spanish at their Sunday morning service. This was a win-win for us.”

5. What were a few highlights of the trip for you? “My highlight was building relationships with the people. The time spent with Ruben and Monica Fernandez, Gaby, Andres, Helen, Pastor Sirlene and the church family at Los Angeles was priceless. Another highlight was speaking at the church on Sunday.”

6. Any additional thoughts? “I think Costa Rica is an ideal place because the culture is safe, relaxing and welcoming to visitors.”

It was a pleasure for CALL and SENDAS to receive Pastor McPherson on our campus. We give thanks for his willingness to share his expertise, and we pray God’s richest blessings on the ministries of The Rock Church in San Diego, California.

If you interested in studying with CALL, visit the website at

CALL offers courses both on campus and online.

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