Reinventing B-Learning at SENDAS

B-Learning or Blended Learning, which combines two learning modes such as videoconference and online coursework, has been recreated at SENDAS.

Dr. Samuel Perez from Puerto Rico is a professor with SENDAS in the master’s program for Family Counseling. In July, he taught the course Emotional Recovery from Crisis using a variety of educational technologies: online, videoconference and classroom. First, Dr. Perez began the class online with students from four locations in Mexico: Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Tecate and Tijuana.


Then Dr. Perez traveled to Oaxaca to teach course content for one week to the group of eleven on campus students. Then the next week, he taught the same content to four students in Guadalajara, Mexico, while being joined by videoconference to two groups of students in Tecate and Tijuana. There were a total of 26 students in the four locations.


This is the first time that SENDAS has blended three modes of study into one course: on site, online and videoconference.

Nora Eddith Galindo, one of the students from Guadalajara, shares these words, “Sincerely, this class has been such a great blessing. All of the information and experiences that Dr. Samuel Perez shared helped me to make some important decisions in my ministry…thanks to everyone at SENDAS for helping us to be able to continue preparing ourselves for ministry.”

At SENDAS, we continue to be creative in educational approaches. We thank God for the technical resources He has given to bring ministry preparation to nearly 1,000 students in many locations throughout the continent.

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