Roberto Hodgson: A graduate impacting multiple cultures

It was 1982 when a young Nicaraguan, located in the United States, arrived to SENDAS obeying a call from God to prepare to be a pastor. During the four years that followed, he studied diligently and graduated with a Licensure in Theology in 1985. After more than three decades, his influence on the Spanish-speaking church as well as the Latin American church in the world has produced new pastors who are now serving in many parts of the globe. The name of this young man is Roberto Hodgson.

In addition to graduating from SENDAS, Roberto graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary and from the Graduate Theological Foundation where he obtained a Doctorate in Ministry.

Referring to the years he spent at SENDAS, Dr. Hodgson says, “My preparation at SENDAS equipped me for pastoral ministry in a practical way since during my seminary years I started a mission of San Pedro de Poas, Costa Rica (today this is the largest Nazarene church in the country). Additionally, SENDAS helped prepare me for ministry as pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation at First Church of the Nazarene in Washington, D.C.”  The experience at SENDAS gave him a good theological and ministerial base that has served him through his years of ministry service to the Hispanic/Latino people of the United States and Canada, and more recently as Director of Multicultural Ministries serving a score of ethnic groups in North America.

Under his leadership, that office established an agreement with SENDAS so that pastoral graduates of the program of ordination on the USA/Canada Region who qualify to enter the Bachelor’s program can continue their studies to receive a Bachelor’s in Pastoral Theology degree.

Dr. Hodgson is especially grateful for two professors, Jerry Porter and Daniel Montero, who guided him in ministerial knowledge and experience. When asked about any advice he would give to someone who is considering studies at SENDAS, he said, “I recommend to anyone who has been called into ministerial service and who has the opportunity to take course at SENDAS that they consider this institution for their ministry formation. SENDAS has endeavored through the years to be faithful to the call to form and educate men and women that God has called into service for the Kingdom of God.”

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