SENDAS and Regional Education Support Videoconference with Trainings in Mexico and the Bahamas

Between the end of September and the beginning of November, SENDAS, along with the Regional Educational Ministry, supported the sister institutions in the Mesoamerica Region in the development of education by videoconference.

Andres Fernandez, the Coordinator for Excellence in Technology at SENDAS, visited the centers in Mexico City, Tampico, Xalapa, Tuxtla, Tapachula, Comitan, Comalapa and Villaflores to install equipment and train leaders. Additionally, he trained IT persons from Tamazunchale, Guadalajara and Minatitlan, three areas that already had equipment. In the next few months there are plans to install equipment in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Durango, Poza Rica, Campeche and Merida.

Videoconference teaching allows for the best professors, specialists from the continent, to teach based on their schedules, and it reduces both operation costs and travel expenses. In addition, having three or four centers connected at the same time is the best use of human resources and saves money on tuition costs for centers and schools with limited funds.

In November, Dr. Ruben Fernandez joined Andres visiting the Bahamas to lead trainings for the faculty in Freeport (Grand Bahama) and Nassau (New Providence). Rev. John Wildgoose III, the Superintendent of the Bahamas District, was very appreciative of the efforts that SENDAS and Regional Education are making to connect all the main ministry education centers.

There are future plans to take equipment to other islands in the Bahamas such as Eleuthera and Andros, as well as to the territory of Turks and Caicos.

Andres Mexico

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