SENDAS and Regional NYI celebrate Certificate in Youth Ministry Graduation in Cuba

During the months of January and February, Cuba held its District Assemblies in the East and West districts, both culminating with the graduation of students from different programs such as Diploma, Baccalaureate and Certificate in Youth Ministry.

It is amazing to see how God is preparing the leaders of that beautiful country! We celebrate that a total of 50 students from the East District graduated as well as 49 students from the West District. God is moving in the heart of each of the students to be obedient and serve Him with excellence.

It should be noted that 20 students graduated from the Certificate in Youth Ministry offered by SENDAS, of which 8 are from the East District and 12 from the West District. They completed the “Certificate in Youth Ministry” program and received the title from the authorities of the Seminary in Cuba, Superintendents of each District, Regional Director Carlos Sáenz and General Superintendent David Graves. They were also joined by Miss. Gabriela Bustos, Field NYI coordinator.

The satisfaction expressed by each person as they received their certificate is due to their work and to the support by the leaders of the Regional NYI its coordinator, Milton Gay, and his assistant Odily Díaz, who helped and coordinated with the SENDAS staff each of the courses taught for the program.

Cuba’s NYI grows every day and is focused on spreading the message of Christ, being the channel of God for the development of the Church on the island.

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