SENDAS celebrates a graduating class of 51 students

Few imagined that in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic we would be able to celebrate the our 2020 graduation. Yet, God made it possible through the support of Nazarene Communications (Mesoamerica Region) and the event took place on Saturday, October 31 – via Facebook Live.

During this totally atypical year, every student, every graduate, every professor, and every SENDAS study center can say “God has helped us so far.” Their lives are a testimony to the way God speaks and acts in the midst of adversity.

We saw 51 students graduate from different programs: Diploma in Christian Ministry, Certificate in Youth Ministry, Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Development of Children and Adolescents, Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Theology, Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry, Master’s Degree in Bible and Theology, Master’s Degree in Development of the Church, Master in Mission of the Church and Master’s in Family Counseling.

The ceremony began by showing pictures honoring each graduate, and greetings of congratulations were broadcast from various learning centers on the region. The Costa Rica national anthem was played, and award-winning musician Danilo Montero sent special greetings to the participants.

The graduation was dedicated to all the pastors and leaders on the region who have succumbed to COVID-19. Rev. Anais Rojas read scripture, and Dr. Monica Mastronardi led the reading of the liturgy. Dr. Jerry Porter offered a message of hope and encouragement.

While the graduation was virtually broadcast, every element of an in-person graduation was included as each graduate was recognized by name for their achievement. Rev. Andrés Fernández coordinated the program.

At SENDAS, we are witnessed that God is still faithful!

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