SENDAS Celebrates Graduation 2014

The Nazarene Seminary of the Americas held its annual graduation ceremony on November 8. It was a special time of celebration for twelve students who received their diplomas as their family, friends and the SENDAS faculty cheered them on. For the fourteen graduates who could not attend the service in Costa Rica, the program was available by live streaming.

The graduation was dedicated in memory of a man who helped to start the Nazarene Seminary in 1970. Miguel Angel Mejia was on the board of the Seminary and helped to choose the land for the new institution. Miguel went to be with the Lord in July of this year, and in honor of his many years of service to SENDAS, the 2014 Graduation ceremony was dedicated to him. His son Miguel and his wife Celia received the plaque for the family.

Two other special recognitions were made this year as well. One for the Fuentes family in memory of Jorge Carlos Fuentes Santamaria who served as a SENDAS professor as well as for Mary Anais Rojas Vargas who has served with SENDAS for twenty-five years. Ruben Fernandez presented each with a beautiful recognition plaque.

Another special moment was the viewing of a video by Dr. Roberto Hodgson who shared memories of SENDAS from his days as a student. He also shared his enthusiasm for the recently signed agreement between SENDAS and USA Canada Hispanic ministries.

Two graduates spoke on behalf of their classmates giving thanks to their families and faculty of SENDAS for helping them to reach this important day: Hazel Hernandez (Undergraduate programs) and Rene Acosta (Graduate programs).

Rev. Mario Vargas, Superintendent of the Costa Rica Central district, spoke about the need to give priority to the Word of God, to give Christ all the glory and to always praise the name of Jesus.

A special moment in the ceremony was the musical performance of Miguel Mejia Perez. He played guitar and sang two hymns that were so special to his father: La Paz en el Valle and Cantico Celeste.

Dr. Jorge Banos and Rev. Franlym Pena presented the graduates with their diplomas.

In the Diploma in Christian Ministry program there were eight graduates:

Castro Hernandez Mara Eliud (Cum Laude), Nicaragua
Estrada Acuna Harry, Costa Rica
Hernandez Duarte Hazel Patricia (Magna Cum Laude), Costa Rica
Jimenez Gonzalez Eulalio (Cum Laude), Panama
Marciaga Cordoba Wilfredo, Panama
Monge Sanchez Elizabeth (Magna Cum Laude), Costa Rica
Nunez Rivas Alejandro Nelson (Cum Laude), Chile
Richards Lewis Alba, Panama

In the Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Theology there were two graduates:

Acuna Arce Mayela (Magna Cum Laude), Costa Rica
Castro Hernandez Leda (Cum Laude), Costa Rica

In the License Degree in Administration of Church Resources with Emphasis in Pastoral Ministry, there were twelve graduates:

Concepcion Alonso Lidia Rosario, Cuba
Dezama Jeudi, Haiti
Gomez Rios Jairo, Cuba
Hidalgo Oliva Pedro, Cuba
Leicea Yins Luis Manuel, Cuba
Lopez Hernandez Loammy, Cuba
Mireles Cruz Felipe, Cuba
Pioto Ramos Isela, Cuba
Prieto Gracia Felix Yariel, Cuba
Reve Napoles Yorly, Cuba
Rivera Paula Luvia, Cuba
Sonel Alexis, Haiti

In the Graduate Program, there were four graduates in the Master’s degree in Religion with emphasis in Church Mission:

Acosta Polanco Rene, Dominican Republic
Araujo Vilmonte Crisitan Renato, Ecuador
Fonseca Ballesteros George Everth, Ecuador
Oliva Corzo Jorge Alberto, Mexico

The prayer of consecration of these new graduates was given by Rev. Johnny Calvo, Superintendent of the North Costa Rica district. The graduates and faculty enjoyed a reception at SENDAS to celebrate the achievements and future plans of these graduates.

If you would like to view more photos of this year’s graduation, you can find them on our Facebook page under the photo album entitled Graduation 2014.


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