SENDAS Celebrates Graduation in the Panama Central District



On November 30, SENDAS held an important graduation in the Central District of Panama in the Ancon Church of the Nazarene. Seven students, both pastors and lay leaders, graduated from the Course of Study diploma program. Two representatives of SENDAS attended the event: Dr. Jorge Banos (Academic Vice President) shared the Word and Rev. Franlym Pena (Course of Study Coordinator) presented diplomas. In addition, Rev. Edwin Martinez attended the important event where the worship group Siloe, from the El Progreso Church of the Nazarene led the group in typical Panamanian worship.


The seven students, who completed the requirements for the Diploma in Christian Ministry, were recognized. This program includes 30 courses and 90 credits, and it is the theological foundation for the Church of the Nazarene:

Eusebio Bermudez Bernal

Luis Andrés Carrasquilla Centeno

Hilda Espinoza Copri

Arístides Guevara Lisondro

Gerarda Marciaga Solís

Ofelina Moreno Marciaga

SENDAS values that fact that new generations of leaders from the Central Panamanian district are preparing themselves for ministry. As an example of the noble efforts being given to theological education, we highlight the testimony of two of the graduates: Luis Andres Carrasquilla, 82 years old and Carolyn Counsis, 62 years old, a married couple who serve the Lord in the Rio Abajo Church of the Nazarene. These two were able to complete the Course of Study diploma program. Their example inspires many young people and leaders to continue their ministerial studies.

We urge the pastors and the congregations of the Church of the Nazarene to be diligent in their preaching concerning the call to ministry and to encourage those that are studying or have completed their studies in theological education so that they can contribute to the Christian development of other brothers and sisters in the work of the Lord in the district.

Franlym Pena
Coordinator of Course of Study Diploma program – SENDAS

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