Sendas celebrates its annual assembly

This past October 25, 2018 the Annual SENDAS Assembly was held on campus. The assembly takes place each year to receive reports from the president of the Seminary as well as the Academic Dean, and the Administrative Dean. In addition, the assembly reviews plans, projects, goals, and achievements reached in the different areas of study.

SENDAS is committed to academic excellence. The institution offers classes through a virtual system known as CANVAS, one of the best of its kind that helps complete our academic goals effectively and efficiently, via online courses. SENDAS offers programs with a wide variety of focus areas and content. Diploma-level programs provide a course of study toward ordination in line with the guidelines stipulated by the interregional Guide for Ministerial Development. Bachelors-level programs are offered with the following emphasis: pastoral theology, youth ministry, cross-cultural missions, and child and adolescent holistic development. SENDAS offers four master-level program emphasis: family guidance, church development, intercultural studies, and Bible and theology.

SENDAS has a current enrollment of 647 students from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. In response to the great need expressed by local churches, this year’s assembly approved the addition of a praise and worship program.

The assembly also ratified SENDAS an important agreement with Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. This agreement has key implications for the continuity of theological studies. The agreement guarantees students who take courses offered by SENDAS on the bachelor level will have the opportunity to continue their studies at the master level through Point Loma, completely online.

As is detailed in another article a good number of people completed their studies and graduated from SENDAS this year. All glory and honor be to our Lord!

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