SENDAS Celebrates the Academic Year with Annual Assembly

The Assembly for the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas was held on October 26, 2017. Dr. Ruben Fernandez presented the annual report including information from the departments of Academics, Institutional Development and Administration.

The SENDAS Association board is composed of eight leaders from various countries who traveled to Costa Rica for this important yearly meeting.

  • Association President: Dr. Carlos Saenz, Mesoamerica Regional Director
  • Association Treasurer: Dr. Jorge Julca, South America Regional Education Coordinator
  • Board Secretary: Rev. Johnny Calvo, Superintendent of the Costa Rica North district
  • Advisory Board Treasurer: Rev. Sirlene Bustos, Superintendent of the Costa Rica Central district
  • Association Member: Maria Antonia Ponce, Superintendent of the Nicaragua Central district
  • Association Member: Paquita Balbuena, Coordinator for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries for the Central field
  • Association Member: Vanessa Cruz, School Administrator from the Nicaragua Central district
  • Association Member: Blanca Patricia Rubio de Rodriguez, University Professor from Mexico

In the academic year (July 2016-June 2017), SENDAS reports teaching a total of 273 courses in 101 centers utilizing 173 professors. A total of 844 students received courses through SENDAS this year, and 37 graduated from their chosen program.

We give thanks to the Lord for all he allowed SENDAS to accomplish this year. There are many exciting days ahead as the institution continues to prepare ministers to serve the world and expand the kingdom of God.

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