SENDAS Delivers Video Conference Equipment to Three Educational Centers in the Central District of Panama

In February of 2015, SENDAS’ Coordinator of Undergraduate programs, Franlym Pena, visited the leaders in the Central Panama district to begin the preparations for three new video conference centers.

The three new centers will be in Rio Abajo, Nueva Esperanza and El Progresso-Chorrera. The courses will begin this month. The leaders of each center received the video conference equipment and the training needed to implement the technology. With this training, they are now ready to begin courses.


The District Superintendent, Rev. Carlos De La Cruz (Panama Central District) reported during the District Assembly held in February the intention to open these three new centers. He shared his thanks to SENDAS for their support of the district as they grow and improve the teaching and continuing education of the pastors and professors.

In addition to the Course of Study Program, the district is encouraging the pastors and leaders to continue their studies through bachelor and license degrees. The leaders of NYI (Nazarene Youth International) are promoting the Bachelor degree in Youth Ministry to raise up more youth pastors on the district.

SENDAS continues expanding its resources so that theological education is a reality internationally. We are blessed to have this opportunity and know that many more new students will sense God’s calling to serve and study in the coming months and years.




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