SENDAS Faculty Member Receives Second Doctorate

Recently, Humberto Fernando Bullón, a retired missionary who continues to serve on the SENDAS faculty, defended his thesis entitled “El Pensamiento Social Protestante en el Contexto del Debate Latinoamericano sobre el Desarollo” (Social Protestant Thinking in the Context of the Latin American Debate concerning Development).  The thesis was presented in the National University of Costa Rica´s School of Philosophy in their Doctorate in Latin American Studies program with an emphasis in Latin American thought.  Bullón obtained the highest possible distinction of summa cum laude, and his thesis was recommended for publication.  He accepted this decision with humility and joy.

Dr. Bullón has been involved in teaching missions in Latin America throughout the past two decades in the Church of the Nazarene.  At the same time, because of his connection with the Latin American Theological Fraternity, he has been concerned about the reflection of the life of the church and its mission, from his own particular teaching and field of expertise.

Bullón did not originally set out to acquire another doctorate; rather he wanted to delve into a more systematic study of Latin American reality.  He began these studies in 2008, attending college classes, where he had the opportunity to mingle with intellectuals and colleagues involved in the study and research on the Latin American issue (history, literature, thought, economics, politics, culture, etc.).

Neither was it Bullón’s intention to defend another postgraduate thesis, but eventually, as a result of his studies, the challenge was raised of writing something that could be useful to the same missionary works to which he is committed; and to do so as a contribution to better understand Latin American Protestant thought in the social sphere.  It was a surprise to him that the presentation and defense of his thesis had such excellent results.

His thesis committee was composed of renowned specialists from Costa Rica, among them Dr. Arnold Mora, former Minister of Culture and one of the leading Central American philosophers with works on Latin American philosophy.

Given the recommendation of its publication, putting the thesis in book form will be one of the tasks to which Dr. Bullón is dedicated in the near future.

Dr. Bullón and his wife Dr. Dorothy Bullón are grateful for the words of appreciation received from so many people and give glory to God for what happened.  They state:  “…we just want to do continue working using the gifts and the vocation (call) given to each one of us, in service to His kingdom, until the end of our days.”

Dr. Rubén Fernández, president of SENDAS, said: “The Nazarene Seminary of the Americas joins with the Bullón family in celebration of this new achievement.  We are proud that H. Fernando – one of the best trained Latin American thinkers in our denomination – has continued to be part of the faculty even after his retirement.  We appreciate the invaluable work of Dorothy as well in teaching module courses.  Students love her!  We know that God will continue to greatly use both of them to extend His kingdom in the years to come.”


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