SENDAS Signs Two New Educational Agreements with USA Districts

In the weeks before the General Assembly in Indianapolis, new Educational Center agreements were written which will soon be signed between the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas and two districts: the Latin American West district and the Prairie Lakes district. Six sets of video conference equipment were delivered for the use of the districts in the Bachelor of Pastoral Theology program. These agreements were drawn up at the invitation of these two districts as stated in the agreement made with Hispanic Ministries USA/Canada (in accordance with Multicultural Ministries of the Church of the Nazarene) and SENDAS in 2012.

The Superintendent of the Latin American West district is Rev. Orlando Serrano and this district serves the large state of California. The Superintendent of the Prairie Lakes District is Rev. Steve Hoffman and that district has jurisdiction over the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

SENDAS thanks the Hispanic Coordinators in both districts, Rev. Saul Carranza and Rev. Carlos Pena, respectively, for their outstanding leadership in the development of these agreements. The classes are scheduled to begin in September 2017.

We anticipate the signing of these new agreements in the next few months which will continue to extend the reign of God through Hispanic ministerial formation in the United States and Canada.

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