SENDAS Graduates Two New Ministers in the Master’s Program in Cuba

On January 30th in the West District of Cuba, two people graduated from the Master’s program from SENDAS. It was a night of many blessings in that a total of 33 students graduated from the Nazarene Cuban Theological Seminary (SETENAC) at the campus in Punta Brava, Havana, Cuba.


The two graduates are Alysney Rodríguez Galan y Darileydis Ortiz Columbie. They graduated with the Master’s degree in Religion with concentration in the Mission of the Church. Darileydis is a pastor on the Cuba West district and Alysney served as the National Coordinator of Evangelism for the Church of the Nazarene in Cuba and now works for the Bible Commission of Cuba.


Dr. Ruben Fernandez, President of SENDAS, attended the graduation. Other leaders who participated in the ceremony included Dr. Dan Copp, Commissioner of Education for the Church of the Nazarene; Rev. Leonel Lopez, Superintendent of the West District and Rev. Pedro Luis Urgelles, the President of SETENAC.


The President of SENDAS writes: “In 1998 we signed an historic agreement in cooperation with SETENAC that has made it possible to train dozens of leaders at master’s level for the marvelous Church of the Nazarene in Cuba. I am thankful to God for allowing me to participate in another graduation and experience once again the district assembly celebrations, which are full of fruit for the Kingdom of God. At this special event, Dr. Dan Copp, the Commissioner of Education for the Church of the Nazarene was in attendance. He led edifying workshops in both districts for both pastors and leaders.”

On behalf of SENDAS, we send our blessings to these two brilliant graduates and we hope to see many more graduations in the years to come. If you would like to help a SENDAS student to graduate from the license or master’s programs, read more about Send One to SENDAS.


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