Day of Celebration at SENDAS: Graduation 2011

On the 10th of December, the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas held a very special graduation ceremony for 49 students from all of the educational programs.  The event that was broadcast by Internet due to the fact that many graduates could not attend since they live in many different parts of the world.

Of the 49 graduates, four continents were represented: North America, South America, Africa and Europe.  There were 12 countries represented:  Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Brazil, Cabo Verde and Holland.

The graduation began with a parade of flags representing each graduate’s country.  Dr. Ruben Fernandez, the Seminary President, began the service with a prayer and the two music leaders, Gabriela Carvajal and Elimelec Juanta led the congregation in worship through song.

After hearing the testmonies and thanks from two of the graduates: Leyla Ramirez and Edwin Leonel Marciaga; and the special in music by Hans Zamora; Rev. Johnny Calvo, the District Superintendent for Costa Rica, preached from the Biblical text I Peter 4: 10-11 on the theme “Being Ministers of the Grace of God.”  It was a challenging message about how God has called us to serve the lost.

After the message, the graduates received their diplomas beginning with the Diploma in Christian Ministry (14 graduates).  Two students graduated with the bachelor degree in Christian Ministry, ten students graduated with the license degree in Church Resource Administration and 25 students graduated with the master’s degree. (See the list below).  Also, the Costa Rican Bible Society gave Bibles to the graduates commemorating their hard work and dedication.

Rev. Mario Vargas, Superintendent of the Central District of Costa Rica, led the congregation in prayer for the graduates, who afterwards filed out of the graduation ceremony under the flash of the cameras and the congratulations of all those in attendance.

The graduates are very thankful to God for the opportunity to study at SENDAS and a few of the graduates shared their testimonies about completing their studies with the Seminary.

The following are a summary of a few of the comments made by graduates on this special day.

This first graduation from the ETED program for me represents a great step in my call as a Pastor.  Thanks to the professors at SENDAS and everyone involved in my studies.  I confess that I learned so much and I insist that others make the effort to prepare themselves.  Thanks so much, SENDAS.  (Rev. Alexander Loria Espinoza, Pastor at Barrio San Jose, Alajuela).

“I would like to give thanks to Christ who has allowed me arrive at this goal along with my wife Margoth. Also I give thanks to the Seminary and the professors for their love, dedication and time they have given me.  Many people thought I was crazy and I have received many negative comments for my efforts to study, but the service of God deserves our best and above all our love.” (Mauricio Mata, graduate in the program for Diploma in Christian Ministry – Course of Study).

Today I have the privilege of completing one of the most important stepts of my life.  I have a deep gratitude to the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas and to my professors and everyone that God has used to help me to arrive to this point in my ministry.  To all of you, I say that I am a fruit of your efforts and for this reason you should continue on because the work you do is what sustains the work fo the Lord.” (Rev. Carlos Zamorán, Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in San Isidro de Heredia.)

This graduation is a goal completed for me.  It is more than just a diploma, it represents learning and spiritual growth.  Thanks to God for allowing me to arrive here.  SENDAS is for me a great opportunity that all should experience.” (Olga Lidia Arroyo Chaves, graduate with a Diploma in Christian Ministry, Course of Study).

The faculty and staff of SENDAS congratulates each graduate, praying for the blessing of God in your lives and ministries.

Graduate List 2011

  • Diploma en Ministerio Cristiano
    • Andrade Cambronero, Ana Ruth (Costa Rica)
    • Arroyo Chaves, Olga Lidia (Costa Rica)
    • Calderón Baltodano, Julio César (Nicaragua)
    • Calderón Quesada, Grace Margot (Costa Rica)                Magna Cum Laude
    • Carvajal Ramírez, María Gabriela (Costa Rica)
    • Esteban Chaves, Santiago de la Cruz (Nicaragua)
    • Fallas Angulo, Carlos (Costa Rica)
    • Herrera Cruz, Erik Noél (Nicaragua)
    • Hernández Martínez, Henry (Costa Rica)
    • Loría Espinoza, Alexander Pablo (Costa Rica)
    • Mata Soto, José Mauricio (Costa Rica)          Cum Laude
    • Obregón Aráuz, Henry José (Nicaragua)
    • Romero Castillo, Félix Orlando (Nicaragua)
    • Tenorio Urbina, Félix (Nicaragua)
  • Bachillerato en Teología Pastoral
    • Hernández, José Cecilio (Nicaragua)
    • Legall de García, Zuleika (Panamá)                 Cum Laude
  • Licenciatura en Administración de los Recursos Eclesiástico con Énfasis en Pastoral
    • Alvarado Vilchez, Luis Emilio (Nicaragua)
    • Cedeño de Rivera, Candelaria (Panamá)
    • Esquivel Quezada, Marlon Alberto (Nicaragua)
    • Lewis Atherley, Gregory Alfonso (Panamá)
    • Marciaga Chacón, Edwin Leonel (Panamá)
    • Poveda López, JoEl (El Salvador-Nic)              Suma Cum Laude
    • Ramírez Mora, Leyla (Costa Rica)
    • Zamorán Mendoza, Carlos Antonio (Costa Rica-Nic)    Cum Laude
  • Maestría en Ciencias de la Religión con mención en la Misión de la Iglesia
    • Abejer, Carlos Martín (Argentina)                                            Cum Laude
    • Andujar Latorre, Helen (Puerto Rico)           Magna Cum Laude
    • Aquino Martínez, Ceila (México)
    • Arcia Cruz, Oziel (México)
    • Castro Gómez, Alejandro (México)
    • Cho Si, Francisco Heriberto (Guatemala)
    • Cruz Fernández, Bethsabé (México)               Cum Laude
    • Cruz Vásquez, Pascual (México)
    • Duarte Morais, Oziel (Cabo Verde)                 Cum Laude
    • Espinoza Tercero, Alma Elizabeth (México)                       Magna Cum Laude
    • Gómez Pérez, Frank Adonis (Cuba)                 Magna Cum Laude
    • Gonçalves Da Silva, Valter (Brasil)                   Cum Laude
    • López Anzueto, Noé (México)
    • Marroquín Hilerio, Marco Antonio (México)                   Cum Laude
    • Martínez Villanueva, Obdulia (México)
    • Pérez Cárdenas, Jognie Lázaro (Cuba)           Cum Laude
    • Pérez Salazar, Loysbel (Cuba)      Magna Cum Laude
    • Pinto Centeno, Logman Muriel (Panamá)  Magna Cum Laude
    • Pupo Pupo, Ronni Alain (Cuba)
    • Ramírez Borrego, Osmany Francisco (Cuba)                      Cum Laude
    • Souza Brandão, Raphael Cerzósimo (Brasil)                                               Cum Laude
    • Van Der Plaat, Patrick Alexander (Holanda)                                             Magna Cum Laude
    • Maestría en Orientación de la Familia
    • Díaz Moreno, Jenny María (Nicaragua)
    • Peralta Gómez, Manuel Enrique (Costa Rica)                                          Magna Cum Laude
  • Maestría en Estudios Interculturales
    • López López, Gabriela (México)                        Summa Cum Laude
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