SENDAS Graduations 2012

On December 8, 2012, SENDAS celebrated the graduation ceremony for this year’s graduates on the main campus in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dr. Ruben Fernandez opened the service with the invocation, followed by the National Hymn of Costa Rica, led by Sharon Viquez.

The speaker for the evening was Rev. Miguel Garita.  He referenced the story of Moses and reminded the graduates of what it means to be called.  “We are called to carry the message of hope.”  He also spoke of God’s instructions to Moses to remove his shoes since he was standing on holy ground.  Rev. Garita said that sometimes we must leave things behind for the call.  He encouraged everyone to be obedient as Moses was to their calling.

Dr. Jorge Banos read the names of all the graduates and presented the degrees to the graduates in attendance, while those from other countries that could not attend graduate in absentia.

Master’s Degree in Religion with emphasis in Church Mission

  1. Alberto Eduardo Ainscough – Argentina
  2. Noemi Raquel Ainscough – Argentina
  3. Rosa Isabel Russo de Ainscough – Argentina
  4. Freddy Baltazar Zamora Sandoval – Peru / Ecuador
  5. María Patricia Duchi Cujilema – Ecuador
  6. Galo Wilson Narváez Guerra – Ecuador
  7. Imelda Tafur Fustamante – Peru
  8. Jaime Gunter Posada Perez – Peru
  9. Natividad Batista Campos – Peru
  10. Rebeca Sol Corzo – Tuxtla, Mexico
  11. Francisco Cuquej Larios – Guatemala
  12. Oscar Daniel Perez Quiroz – Peru / Dominican Republic
  13. Selideth Amarilys Perez Rivero – Puerto Rico

Master’s degree in Religion with emphasis on Family Counseling

  1. Alejandra Cruz Alvarez – Mexico
  2. Marco Antonio Velasco Sosa – Tuxtla, Mexico
  3. Nilda Galvez Santizo – Tuxtla, Mexico
  4. Martín Ruperto Zepeda Monterrosa – Tuxtla, Mexico
  5. María Rosalba Guerrero de Franco – El Salvador
  6. Oscar Rene Franco – El Salvador
  7. Irene Jimenez Artavia – Costa Rica

Master’s degree in Religion with emphasis on Intercultural Studies

Gloria Esther Quezada Castillo – Mexico / Costa Rica

 Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Theology

Carlos Fallas Angulo – Costa Rica

Diploma in Christian Ministry

Laura Gomez Sequeira – Costa Rica

A PowerPoint presentation was shown to highlight the other SENDAS graduates who already held their celebrations in the countries of Ecuador, Peru and Argentina.  There were three graduates in each location receiving the master’s degree.

Dr. Ruben Fernandez led the altar prayer to end the graduation service while all the professors gathered around to pray over the new graduates. The families and friends of the graduates congratulated their loved ones and enjoyed a short time of fellowship following the service.

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