SENDAS Hosts ICETE’s Academic Leadership Program

In 2013, AETAL (Association for Evangelical Theological Education in Latin America), along with ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education) started a series of new seminars for academic leaders working in the Hispanic world.

This new endeavor is called “Program ICETE for Academic Leadership (PILA)” and it consists of three weeklong seminars over a period of three years. From June 10 – 13, SENDAS hosted the seminar entitled “Excellence in Academic Leadership” with a participation of twenty representatives from countries such as El Salvador, the United States, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.

Dr. Jorge Banos shared these comments, “The program is exclusively for Presidents, Academic Vice-Presidents, Deans and administrative personnel of the theological seminaries of Latin America. In the past, the events were held in Brazil, Guatemala and Peru. This year the events are being held in Costa Rica and Mexico. On August 5 – 8, the a seminar was held in Puebla, Mexico. As an Academic Vice President, I testify that these seminars are a great help to the work of those who dedicate themselves to academics in a theological institution.”

These invited guests spoke at the seminar: Dr. Pablo Sywulka, the General Secretary of AETAL, Dr. Fritz Deininger, the Director of the program and Dr. Steve Hardy, a professor from the program. The second seminar in this series will be held in Costa Rica from June 23-26, 2014.

On behalf of SENDAS, it was a privilege to host the first seminar in Costa Rica.

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