Sendas hosts second Llamados conference

On Friday and Saturday, October 26-27, 2018, the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS) held a conference for pastors and leaders “Called to Excellence.” Since 2017, SENDAS has organized yearly events to encourage continuing education among pastors and lay ministers.

Participating in the event this year was the pastor of the Church of the Nazarene with the largest membership on the Mesoamerica Region, Dr. Elias Betanzos of Oaxaca, Mexico. His experiences as businessman and prominent pastor made the plenary sessions invaluable. Pastor Elias came with other leaders of the church in Mexico who greatly enriched the conference.

Also participating was the renowned Doctor Elliott Garita. Dr. Garita is a Christian, Costa Rican cardiovascular surgeon whose work has been marked by Christian excellence. He is also the founder of the International Heart Foundation (FUNICORI). Through this foundation works of social assistance have been to ensure the health of those with low income. His testimony during the conference will certainly stay with all participants who dream of being professionals of integrity in their chosen field.

After the presentation of each renowned speaker, more than 100 participants took part in round-table discussions about what was learned and the implications for both their personal lives and the life of the church. On the afternoon of Saturday the 27th, a forum was held with the conference speakers adding Dr. Samuel Perez, pastor and family counselor joined us from Puerto Rico who had a challenging message on the first night of the conference.

Without a doubt, this will be a weekend that will stay in the memories of all who participated from Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Costa Rica. As is the custom, the next conference, “LLAMADOS 5G” will be held the last weekend of October 2019.  Be sure to set aside this time so you will be able to participate!

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