SENDAS Hosts the Third Regional Conference for Children and Adolescents

SENDAS hosts the Third Regional Conference for Academic Programs in Holistic Child and Adolescent Development, organized by Compassion International on July 1-3.

More than twenty Latin American institutions participated in the event for the purpose of evaluating the advances and the challenges of topics involving children and adolescents.

SENDAS was well represented with four leaders participating in the conference. Andres Fernandez, the Coordinator of Bachelor Programs, shared his experiences with the DINA (Child and Adolescent Development degree) program at our institution. Also, Rev. Franlym Pena, Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Dr. Monica Fernandez, Vice-President of Institutional Development, and Dr. Ruben Fernandez participated in the program. Dr. Fernandez shared a devotional with the group.

Andres Fernandez, the Coordinator of Bachelor Programs said, “SENDAS has worked hand in hand with Compassion International for more than two years in the developing and implementing of the Bachelor in Pastor Ministry program with concentration in Holistic Child and Adolescent Development. This program is offered online for all of the Mesoamerica Region and beyond. We are privileged to be able to sit at the same table with these well-known representatives of the movement “Together for Children and Adolescents,” and we believe that theological education can serve as the catalyst of change for the future generations of Christian leaders and pastors who take a special interest in the needs of children and adolescents. May God help us to continue working alongside this foundational and courageous movement to secure the future of our church.”

In addition, SENDAS was honored to have Dr. Anthony Oliver, Academic Vice President of Caribbean Nazarene College (Trinidad and Tobago) in attendance, as well as Dr. Edgar Menendez, the President of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Guatemala; Rev. Evelio Vasquez. President of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Peru; and Dr. Jorge Julca, the Seminary President at the South Cone Nazarene Theological Seminary in Argentina.

It is always a pleasure for SENDAS to host such important events that advance theological education, and it is honor to be able to contribute to the training of pastors and leaders by providing the highest quality of education possible for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

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