SENDAS is Blessed by Two Work and Witness Teams

In the month of January, two Work and Witness teams worked on the SENDAS campus to continue the construction of the new Orchid dining hall that will be used for many retreats, camps and meetings in this year and in the future.  This new building will not only benefit the evangelical Costa Rican community, but also will support the mission of SENDAS as it generates important funds.


The first group of eight persons represented two Churches of the Nazarene in the states of Tennessee and California:  Grace Church in Clarksville, TN and Wayside Church in Talare, CA.  The group, made up of youth and adults, placed the drywall to complete the walls of the new hall.



In addition, the team visited the Bambi Children’s Center, an organization that helps needy children, and there they provided a Vacation Bible School.  We thank Pastor Hunter Hickman, the team leader, for bringing this team to Costa Rica and SENDAS.


On the 6th of January, the second team arrived to continue the construction.  This group came from the Missouri District in the USA.  There were 19 people on this team.  In addition to working on the Orchid Building, they painted a fence and help to cut and move bamboo. The team from Missouri also assisted at the Los Angeles Church of the Nazarene with their Vacation Bible School for four days.



The two groups heard from missionaries who gave their testimonies as well as sharing together special times of devotionals and prayer.  They also enjoyed the beauty of Costa Rica as they toured the country.

SENDAS was blessed to have volunteer missionaries, Ted and Lori Bruce, to lead these two teams, in coordination with Global Missionary David Webb, Coordinator of Ministries for Costa Rica, and his wife, Shelley, Public Relations Coordinator at the Seminary.


We give thanks to God for these Work and Witness teams who sacrificed their vacation time and their funds to help with the mission of SENDAS to train hundreds of pastor and leaders on the American continent.


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