SENDAS, Key in Christian Leadership Development in Cuba

Since 1998, SENDAS has worked in cooperation with the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Cuba (SETENAC). Currently, SENDAS offers the License and Master’s degree programs to a great number of Cuban students.

In April of this year, Regional Director, Dr. L. Carlos Saenz; the National Board President, Rev. Leonel Lopez and the President of SENDAS, Dr. Ruben Fernandez had the opportunity to meet with the authorities of the Cuban Religious Affairs and Attention Office located in Revolution Plaza in Havana, Cuba. In the cordial meeting, the highest authorities of the Cuban government mentioned that they were aware of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas from the information given to them for years from Rev. Lopez. Rev. Lopez, who is a graduate of SENDAS and the Coordinator of the Master’s program in Cuba, recognized and thanked SENDAS for their support for higher education in Cuba through all these years.

God has blessed the ministry of Rev. Lopez. In his ten years in leadership, the membership of the Church in Cuba has doubled, with more than 8,500 members currently.

Rev. Loysbel Perez, graduate of SENDAS, Pastor in the city of Alquizar, and Academic Vice President of SETENAC shares these comments.

“From the beginning of the work of SENDAS in Cuba through their relationship with SETENAC, the advancement in theological education has been apparent on the island, not only with the Cuban Nazarenes, but also with other denominational leaders who now serve as Presidents and professors. The Cuban Church of the Nazarene has been served through the training of ministers at both the license and master’s degree levels. SETENAC has raised its level of faculty education thanks to the help of SENDAS in preparing pastors and professors at the highest level. Also, from this support, we have been able to open an official bachelor degree program in the East District and many of the faculty there have earned their master’s degree from SENDAS. Through the two programs that SENDAS offers in Cuba, the majority of the leaders in Cuba have received their training: district leaders, pastors and professors. For example, the last four Seminary Presidents and the current National Board President are graduates of SENDAS. We give our thanks for the investment over many years that SENDAS has made in theological preparation in Cuba.”

If you would like to contribute to help a servant of the Lord in Cuba as they continue their academic studies, you may do so through the SOS Program. You may give online to the scholarship program at this link:

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Revolution Square and Monument to Jose Marti.

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