We are pleased to launch the second issue of Theology Today. This publication of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas covers two main areas: pastoral theology and biblical theology. The first issue, published in January of 2021, contained articles on pastoral theology. This new September 2021 issue presents articles on biblical theology. We have created these two sections to clarify the contributions of both of these important branches of theology for the contemporary church.

We appreciate the contribution of scholars such as missiologist and author, Dr. Carlos Van Engen, and renowned Biblicist Dr. Edesio Sanchez. We are also thankful for the contributions of pastor and teacher, Fredi Arreola, and Rev. Dr. Gift Mtukwa who is from Zimbabwe. Each of them is committed to the pastoral care of the church. The articles are intended to address different areas of interest in the life of the church.

Dr. Carlos Van Engen offers his thoughts in the article “Biblical Perspectives of the Immigrant in the Mission of God.” He shares, “God is calling the church – and giving it the wonderful opportunity – to unite in solidarity with immigrants, foreigners, the misplaced, the outsiders, and those from every nation that encompass the church of Jesus Christ in all parts of the world.” Dr. Edesio Sanchez contributes his perspective on the theme “Moses and Prayer.” He tells us, “In Jesus Christ, intercessory prayer comes to a culmination. In him we find our own prayers.” Pastor Fredi Arreloa expounds on the theme “The Vengance of the Gibeonites.” He explains, “It is a story of the reconciliation of two houses that were in conflict, so just as Jacob and Esau in the history of the patriarchs, in this case it the hostility between David and Saul.” Finally, Dr. Gift Mtukwa embarks on the theme, “The Cruciform Mission of Paul in Thessalonica.” He highlights, “The Christian mission is defined by Christ crucified; those who unite with him can only assume the posture of cruciformity.”

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We hope the church enjoys and is edified by reading these articles!


Dr. Marco A. Velasco.
Academic Dean of SENDAS

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