SENDAS Opens New Educational Center in New York

On March 16, the first course began in SENDAS’ new educational center for videoconference. There are 26 students in the center and they are all from the same church: Congregación Crisitina de Queens (CCQ). This is the first time that SENDAS has students taking courses by videoconference in the United States.

The Pastor, Rev. Carlos Moya, has taken courses with SENDAS in the Dominican Republic and wanted his leaders to take courses with SENDAS as well. In the process of four years, the students can complete the Bachelor degree in Theology with concentration in Pastoral Ministry. If the students prefer a different emphasis, those classes can be taken online. The first course is New Testament I.


Two students from the Center, Joselyn Hernandez and Rosanzy Ulloa, visited Cost Rica to learn the process of launching this new extension center.

One advantage of the program is that the students can choose to obtain the degree from SENDAS and from NBC (Nazarene Bible College) in Colorado Springs, if they choose to.

At SENDAS, we are very pleased with this new historic accomplishment and hope to see new centers in other parts of the USA in the next few months.

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