SENDAS participates in AETAL theological forum

SENDAS was represented at the theological forum for the Evangelical Association of Theological Education in Latin America (AETAL). Dr. Marco Velasco, SENDAS Academic Dean, traveled to Brazil to take part in the X Theological Conference hosted by AETAL. The event took place from September 23 to 26, 2019 in the city of Campinas.

The key topic for the conference was: “New Realities Facing Theological Education”. According to AETAL Secretary General, Dr. Pablo Branch, the event had the objective of: “reflecting together on the challenges and opportunities that new realities pose for Latin American theological education».

Educators from different evangelical backgrounds interacted through different forums and meetings, covering a variety of topics related to the different theological realities of the 21st century: pluralism, tolerance vs. intolerance, etc.

The different speakers made their presentations in a forum where different voices were heard. Some of them included: Dr. David Suazo from Guatemala, presenting the paper: “Challenges and emerging opportunities”, Dr. Maruilson Souza from Brazil, presented: “The role of theological education in the face of minority challenges” and Dr. Elizabeth Sendek from Colombia with the theme: “Challenges and opportunities of government recognition programs.”

AETAL is an agency associated with ICETE, an international association of theological education, which accredits theological education programs in Latin America, the USA and the rest of the world respectively.

AETAL is, above all, an experience of brotherhood and Christian unity in the context of theological education in Latin America.

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