SENDAS’ Pastoral Theology Program Continues to Advance in Kansas City

From January 16 until Feb 16, 2017, the course Christian Education II was taught by video conference to the new center in the Kansas City district for the Bachelor degree in Pastoral Theology, which is coordinated by Dr. Carlos Fernandez.  This is the third course that was taught at the new center affiliated with SENDAS since 2016.

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The group was comprised of 18 students including pastors, church planters, various ministry leaders, preachers and teachers. There were also several married couples taking the course who serve the Lord together in ministry. The course was taught by video conference from San Jose, Costa Rica on Mondays in the evenings.

The professor for the course was Dr. Monica Mastronardi de Fernandez, who has extensive experience in Christian education and in the training of educators in theological education.


Dr. Mastronardi de Fernandez said this about the experience: “It has been a beautiful time sharing with my brothers and sisters from our Church in Kansas City. The group is very committed and has a lot of enthusiasm for learning and participating in the individual and group activities.  There are many of them with giftings in education, and I could see their desire to perfect their skills which is key to the development of a healthy church.”

One advantage to video conference is that the students take classes in real time and can share their experiences and lives with one another.

Dr. Mastronadri de Fernandez mentioned, “It was a time also to be supportive of each other in crisis situations such as in health or in ministry. The great thing about these technological tools is that we can be close, even with the distance, and develop relationships between the professors and students, pastoring each other, learning from each other, making friends and contributing to the development of leadership for the extension of the work of the Lord.”

The students were very pleased with the contents of the course and already are putting into practice the tools they learned to plan and develop their classes in a creative, dynamic way with well-defined objectives.

Just after completing the course with Dr. Monica, the students received the course Old Testament II taught by Rev. Marco Antonio Velasco from Chiapas, Mexico, and this was another great blessing for the students.


SENDAS has students all throughout the Mesoamerica Region. In addition, there are centers in the United States, currently in New York and in Kansas City, and very soon other districts from the USA will begin to receive classes to help develop Hispanic ministries.

We are pleased and thankful to God for allowing us to form leaders and pastors who are involved in the development of the kingdom of God no matter where the students may be located.

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