SENDAS Professor’s Book to be Published in May

h-fernando-bullonDr. H. Fernando Bullon, professor with the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas, recently completed a second doctoral degree and from his thesis he has written a book entitled, Social Protestant Thought and the Latin American Debate over Development.”

The book will be available in May of this year at the Expolit book fair in Miami. According to C. Rene Padilla, there are very few people who have the experience to write a book on this topic. Dr. Bullon has studied engineering, social sciences, theology and Latin American studies. One of his doctoral degrees is from the University of Manchester, England in the area of Economic and Social Studies. From his vast experience and education, he has written what Padilla states is “one of the most important books of those written in evangelical literature from this continent up until now.”

SENDAS congratulates Dr. H. Fernando Bullon for this recent accomplishment.

Libro HFB (2012-13) - LD book- El pensamiento social protestante

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