SENDAS Receives Work and Witness Team from NorCal District

On April 1, a ten-member Work and Witness team from the Northern California district arrived to SENDAS to help to finish the campus water project.  The team included professionals in civil engineering, concrete work and plumbing.  In addition to the water project, other team members painted classrooms.


The team is not the first from the NorCal district to visit SENDAS.  NorCal sent a team two years ago to begin the construction on the Orchid building and in August 2017, another team will arrive to complete that project.  The district has also been supportive of the Los Angeles Church of the Nazarene which is located near the Seminary.


It is anticipated that in May a formal partnership document will be signed between the two entities: SENDAS and NorCal.  The NorCal district is interested in seeing the mission of SENDAS fulfilled as more pastors and leaders are prepared to serve.  SENDAS will offer courses in Spanish to the NorCal district for their nearly 30 Hispanic pastors.


Larry Fitch, NorCal team leader, shared this about SENDAS and the upcoming partnership: “Dr. Ruben Fernandez has a passion for spreading God’s Word.  His testimony of his father receiving the gospel message from missionaries in Argentina, and his desire to pay back this great debt of love, is inspiring.  We need this kind of spark and fire in the USA and on our district, and our hope is that this partnership with SENDAS will not only help SENDAS to fulfill their mission, but also will help our district as we face the challenges of ministry.”


SENDAS looks forward to the relationships that will be formed as NorCal and SENDAS work together to expand God’s kingdom.

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