SENDAS Receives Work and Witness team from Tempe Nazarene Church, Arizona

During the second week of July, SENDAS received a wonderful work and witness team from Tempe, Arizona. The team consisted of families, with a total of 14 members including teenagers and adults.

The leader of the team, Nate Snider, prepared the team one month before the trip on issues concerning finances, Costa Rica culture and how their work at SENDAS would give testimony of their love of Christ. They worked on the second phase of the remodeling of the “Guanacaste” dorm rooms, painted five campus houses and planted 301 cypress trees, which are sold every year during the Christmas season.

The team members shared how nice everyone at SENDAS had been. They enjoyed the hospitality of the Seminary, the excellent campus facilities and the delicious food. The teenagers were very surprised at the differences and similarities of their culture with the Costa Rican culture. They mentioned that this mission trip will be something they will not forget. “We now have many memories and funny stories to tell about our experiences serving in SENDAS.”

Anais Rojas, Administrative Vice President shared these words: “The team was with us from July 5 to July 14 were a real support for us, not only financially, but also with their hard work here. They worked on the renovation of seven dorm rooms and the installation of new flooring. They donated the money we are using to paint other rooms as well. This team also shared the word of God to children in a childcare facility near the seminary; they played games and sang with the children. We thank God for the contribution that these brothers and sisters have made, and for the blessing it was for our institution. They served with SENDAS in our mission to train ministers to extend the kingdom of God.”

The SENDAS faculty and staff enjoyed sharing lunches with the team. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have this amazing team serving with us; we are grateful to God for sending them and pray that God continues to bless them.

If you are interested in work and witness opportunities at SENDAS, please visit this page and click on projects We would be happy to receive your team at SENDAS.


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