SENDAS Receives Work and Witness Team from West Virginia

Pierpont Church of the Nazarene, located in Morgantown, West Virginia, is no stranger to Costa Rica. The church has sent four teams to serve in Costa Rica, the first in 2008. They have been a great example of both work and witness as they have helped to plant churches in both districts of Costa Rica as well as assist with construction.

In March, Pierpont Church sent their fifth team to Costa Rica, dividing their time and resources between the two districts. The 18-person team worked at San Pedro de Poas Church of the Nazarene in the North district and at SENDAS in the Central district. They also worked with children in the communities of Sabana Redonda and Barrio Mexico, to help support the work of the local churches. Finally, they held a ladies ministries event at the Los Angeles Church near SENDAS, which was a time of refreshment and relaxation for the ladies of the church.

At SENDAS, the group worked on the new restroom facility located near the gym. This building includes bathrooms that will be used by large groups of up to 500 people when the gymnasium is used for events including children’s day camps, women’s/men’s retreats and Church of the Nazarene district events, such as the upcoming Pentecost Combined Service in May. The team painted the outside of the new building, layed tile in the bathrooms and helped with various painting projects on campus. Patrick and Kim LeGrand were the missionaries who directed the team.

Claudia Kugler, the team leader, shared this about their experiences in Costa Rica with Work and Witness: “Pierpont has always felt the greater blessing has been ours from our W&W experiences in Costa Rica. We’ve felt God’s presence in joyful, Spirit filled worship, in the warm smiles and embraces of her people, especially the school children, and in the beauty of the countryside. As team members return home to share how God has changed them through W&W, more at Pierpont catch God’s mission vision, more want to go on a W&W trip, and more become involved in mission giving.”

SENDAS is thankful to the Pierpont Church for their great contribution to SENDAS and the churches in Costa Rica.

If your church is interested in a Work and Witness trip to SENDAS, go to the Work and Witness website for a list of projects
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