SENDAS Receives Work & Witness Team from Minnesota

During the second week of June (9-16), the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas received the Work & Witness team from Andover, Minnesota. Steve Gahagan, Pastor at Prairie Oak Community Church, was in charge of the team of 13 young people, and for ten of them this was their first trip with Work & Witness.

This team was the first to work on the SENDAS water project, and they also painted one of the pavilions on the Seminary campus. During the weekend they served the local Church of the Nazarene of Los Angeles (Central District of Costa Rica), repairing the roof and participating in the Sunday service.

Pastor Steven says, “This experience has been so important for these young people to see how God is working in another culture, to see how the church is developing in another context and to have the experience to work and share with others which strengthens their lives.  It is in this type of travel where God often confirms the call to serve in missions.”

The team also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park that is located on the Pacific coast. During this time two of the young people (Michael Furious and Lauren Sierra) asked Pastor Steve if they could be baptized there on the beach.  It was a great experience for all.

The SENDAS Staff had a special time with the team to show their appreciation and to give them each a gift from Costa Rica.

Anaís Rojas, Vice Rector Administrative in SENDAS shares this:  “The team from Minnesota has been working the whole week in the first phase of the water project.  This group has connected the water main to the city system and also connected houses 11, 12, 13 and 14, ending at the principal main. We hope to finish the project this year.”

Thanks to the Minnesota team for your support and hard work in the beginning of this important project for SENDAS.
If you are i nterested in Work and Witness opportunities at SENDAS, please visit this page and click on projects We would be happy to receive your team at SENDAS.





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