SENDAS Representatives Travel the Mesoamerica Central Field

January 27 – February 12, 2014

The Mesoamerica Region includes 31 countries in six fields.  Recently, SENDAS representatives visited the countries in the Central Field.



From January 27 – 29, Dr. Ruben Fernandez and Rev. Franlym Pena participated in the 45th Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene in the district of Cuba.  Dr. Fernandez not only helped with leadership workshops, but also celebrated with two students who graduated from the Master’s level degree program in the Mission of the Church.  Luis Lopez Sencial and Yurisel Milagros Miranda Mulet were presented with their diplomas.  Yurisel graduated in May of 2013, but this was the first opportunity for her to be recognized in a graduation ceremony.

The Cuban district assembly was historic.   Dr. Gustavo Crocker declared the Cuban district, which for 45 years has been a phase 1 district, passed directly to the phase 3 level, skipping over phase 2.  Eight new churches were formed and nearly 500 new members were added.  Also, a new district was formed, the East District.  Immediately, the two groups separated and Dr. Carlos Saenz led the assembly for the newly formed district.

In addition, Rev. Franlym Pena, the Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs at SENDAS, held meetings with the first group of 15 students in the License program (one level above the bachelor program).  These students have made great advancements in their studies, are now in the process of working on their final projects, and are projected to graduate in 2015.

We value the sacrifice and the hard work of these students, along with the work of the leadership of the Cuban Seminary in moving forward with the license program.  We give thanks to God for the example of our Cuban brothers and sisters who inspire us with their lives and testimonies of all they do for the work of God.  With few economic resources, they do great things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



From January 31 until February 2, Dr. Ruben Fernandez and Dr. Jorge Banos participated in the Holiness Summit celebrated in Puerto Rico for the purpose of promoting the programs of the Nazarene Seminary.  There were more than 700 in attendance at the Summit who left the event ready to impact Puerto Rico with the message of holiness.


After the Summit, Dr. Banos visited the theological education centers in the east and west districts with the assistance of Dr. Ramon Sierra, Rev. Olga Robles and Rev. Herson Santa.


During the first week of February, Rev. Franlym Pena attended the conventions and assemblies in the districts of Panama for the purpose of promoting the different Seminary programs, especially the School of Leadership program, the course of study classes and the bachelor programs.  In both districts he held meetings with students and program coordinators concerning the Bachelor degree in Pastoral Theology.



From February 7 – 12, Rev. Franlym Pena traveled the island of the Dominican Republic to promote the Seminary to the districts.  The promotion included emphasis on the different resources available for ministry preparation through the Mesoamerica Region through the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas.

Rev. Bathermy comments, “There is a tremendous enthusiasm in respect to the different programs, and above all the master’s program, the School of Leadership and the Bachelor degree in Child and Adolescent Development.  The superintendents have offered their support for these programs.”

It is also worth mentioning that a number of Churches of the Nazarene in the Dominican Republic are developing holistic projects to help children, adolescents and women in their local communities. Paquita Bido, the Coordinator of Compassionate Ministries, is recruiting and motivating a good group of leaders who are working with the child development centers so that these ministries can be a part of the training program that SENDAS offers online called Holistic Child and Adolescent Development.  We will be praying that the Dominican Republic raises up a generation of leaders and pastors who defend children and adolescents, with their vision set on reaching the 4/14 Window (children aged 4-14 years) with the message of Christ.

We give thanks to God for the opportunity we have at SENDAS to minister in all the areas of the Mesoamerica Region, including the Central Field.  Our mission is to train with excellence the highest number possible of ministers for the extension of the Kingdom of God.

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