SENDAS Signs Agreement with Evangelical Alliance in Panama


la foto--Directiva Pastoral-David-Pmá.On May 30, an agreement was reached between SENDAS and the Evangelical Alliance of Pastors in Chiriqui, Panama. SENDAS will begin by offering the Bachelor degree in Pastoral Theology, with the option of adding other classes in the future. This agreement will benefit the pastors and leaders of the Church of the Nazarene in the area, as well as other denominations.

The Evangelical Alliance has served the people of Panama for fifty years. One of its emphasis is to raise the awareness of the value of education and to develop in the pastors the ability to think critically based on theological reflection.

Bishop Logman Pinto, the Secretary for the Evangelical Alliance says, “The need to form laborers with an excellent educational quality has been the biggest motivation for beginning this agreement which could be just the beginning since we may extend the program to other provinces of Panama. I have been a SENDAS student in various programs from the Bachelor degree to the Master’s degree, so I know that SENDAS’ theological education is of the highest quality.”

The church Center for Christian Worship, located in David, Panama, is where the theological study courses are being offered in the mornings and the evenings. The Pastoral Council has prepared the classroom for video conference, offering optimal conditions for the courses. On June 20, the first course began with the professor teaching the course from Costa Rica. The first course was Systematic Theology I and there were 50 students in the course. There were two sections of the class, one on Fridays and the other on Saturdays.

On August 7, Rev. Franlym Pena visted the educational center to evaluate the first course and to listen to the students’ comments. The pastors expressed that the class exceeded their expectations, not only for being a new way to study with videoconference, but also for the quality of instruction received. The members of the Board of the Evangelical Alliance are thankful to SENDAS for the opportunity to receive training that is offered to pastors and leaders from different Christian churches that are part of the Evangelical Alliance.

SENDAS is thankful for the opportunity to serve in the theological formation of many pastors in David, Panama. The opening of this center has made an impact in the Christian community there, and pastoral organizations in other provinces in Panama are now interested in this type of initiative.

la foto-Directiva Pastoral - David.Pmá.

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