SENDAS Signs Agreements with Metro New York and New England Districts

Every day there are more districts and churches in the United States that are looking to Nazarene Seminary of the Americas to equip their pastors and leaders. For our institution it is a privilege to serve such a culturally rich country with a Hispanic church so passionate and growing. At the same time, we are aware of the great need for the highest quality of theological education for the people of God that is accessible according to time, space, and economy.

We are happy to announce the signing of agreements with two Nazarene districts in the United States. Since January of 2021 we have added the Metro New York and the New England districts to our list of areas we are serving through theological education.  Both districts are already trusting SENDAS for the formation of their leadership from the core courses for ordination to the bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Pastoral Theology. The classes officially began January 20 and 25, 2021, with 45 total students between both districts.

We want to formally thank from Metro New York: Dr. Samuel Carl W. Vassel, district superintendent, Dr. Jeffrey T. Barker, executive director of the Palmer Institute, Rev. Otoniel Cruz, coordinator of Hispanic Ministries, and Pastor Christine Paolino, and deacon from the Palmer Institute, for having confidence in the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas for the equipping of their district leadership. We also want to thank all of the students and faculty members who joined us on December 3rd, 2020, as we came together in preparation for the official launch.

For the New England district, we want to thank Rev. Kenneth Stanford, district superintendent, Rev. Jose Cardona, coordinator of Hispanic Ministries, and Dr. John Megyesi, president of the Board of Ministry, for their organization in helping this agreement become a reality. We would also like to thank Pastor Jose Luis Diaz Saez, Pastor Angel Sanchez, Nelido Oriz, Pastor Victor Javier Sevilla, and Pastor Miriam Mouzon for their help and collaboration on this project. Additionally, we want to thank the students and faculty who participated in our meeting on November 18, 2020, in preparation for their classes. We know that God has great things in store for the lives and ministries of each one involved in this marvelous academic partnership.

If your district is interested in establishing a partnership with Nazarene Seminary of the Americas, you are invited to contact Rev. Andres Fernandez, coordinator of the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees at

Once again, we want to thank the Metro New York and New England districts for the privilege you to be part of ministerial education and helping us to complete our mission to equip transformational pastors and leaders to serve their communities.

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