SENDAS Starts Off 2015 with a New Online Learning System

SENDAS, an institution committed to offering cutting-edge academic excellence, recently changed the online learning platform to the CANVAS® system.

Andres Fernandez, Coordinator of Excellence in Technology, shares this information about the new system: CANVAS® is the new platform that SENDAS has put into place for online students. It is a convenient program for professors to use to teach classes, and it will offer a new experience for students. It is available in different languages, can be used with many devices, and is compatible with social media. In addition, CANVAS® is a tool managed through the Internet and not on the server which guarantees better functioning and constant updating.

Some advantages of CANVAS®:
• A user friendly program
• With its updated design, it allows for closer interaction between the students and professors.
• It allows the possibility of grading and posting assignments rapidly so students can see their grades immediately.

The new system was ready for use on January 14, beginning with a specific training for both students and professors. SENDAS is implementing this new platform thanks to the unselfish support from Northwest Nazarene University (NNU), a prestigious institution of higher education in the USA and a strategic ally of SENDAS.

For SENDAS, it is an honor to have this cutting-edge technology which is used by the world’s leading universities. To learn more about the courses offered online, we invite you to send an email to or visit our website at


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