Student Spotlight- Abraham Fernandez

Abraham Fernandez Gamez is a 38 year old pediatric doctor. He works at the government hospital in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. He and his wife Rebeca have two beautiful children who are 4 years old and 7 months old. They attend the Tecate Church of the Nazarene.
Abraham’s father was a lay pastor and Abraham learned from his father’s life and example what it means to serve the Lord in all areas. Abraham has been an active member of his church for many years and has served in Sunday School as a preacher. He always felt the need to better prepare himself to serve God; however, for his workload and other responsibilities as a father, it made it impossible to take courses in a Seminary full time, but his desire to study continued in his heart.
It was then that Abraham met Dr. Ruben Fernandez (the President of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas) and he heard about the Virtual Nazarene Seminary (SNV). He felt it was exactly what he needed and finally studying theology was within his reach. As soon as the meeting ended, Abraham asked Ruben to sign him up for courses. The process was completed and now Abraham lacks only seven classes to complete his degree.
Abraham says, “My experience has been wonderful and the classes have exceeded my expectations as I realized the quality of the courses and the excellent teaching that the professors offer to the students.”
As a medical student, Abraham was accustomed to having a lot of pressure from the professors and he thought that studying online would be much easier, but it was not exactly like that. “I believe that the amount of difficulty that the online courses offer is enough so that one has to stay committed to the work, but at the same time it is not so much that it makes one feel overwhelmed.”
Also, Abraham was suprised and has enjoyed the great diversity of resources that are available through the virtual platform such as access to videos, books, live video conferences, personal help from the professors, and opinions and comments from classmates who are from many different countries.
Abraham sums up his experience with these commments: “When I think about SNV, one word comes to mind and I think it with much pride: ‘Excellence.’ I am very thankful to God to have this resource available to me so I can efficiently prepare myself to serve the Lord. It is wonderful that one day someone thought of teaching in this way! Now, because of the faith and courage of others, God’s children can enjoy excellent minsterial perparation.”
If you have interest in studying theology in Spanish, but never thought it was possible, register for a course in the Virtual Nazarene Seminary.

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