The Jimenez Family: Called to Serve on the SAM Region

A few years ago, the Jimenez family was warmly welcomed to SENDAS, but now we say goodbye to this very special family who have supported SENDAS with all their knowledge and ministry efforts. Now, the SAM Region and the country of Ecuador will be their new home where they will continue serving and growing in ministry for the Lord.

Both Esdras and Scarlet accepted a call to missions while they studied at SENDAS. Scarlet began her missionary career in December of 2003 in Costa Rica as the treasurer for the MAC South Field. Esdras began as a missionary in January of 2005 when he was assigned to Regional Nazarene Communications in Guatemala City.

Before leaving Costa Rica, the Jimenez responded to a few questions so we can better understand this change in ministry.

How long have you served here at SENDAS and what has been your role?
We returned to SENDAS as missionaries on September 17, 2010, about four years ago. Our assignment was to basically start the online program for the seminaries of the Region, particularly for SENDAS, through the Alliance known as the Virtual Nazarene Seminary. From the ground pu, we built the initial systems: payments, web sites, administration, and we consulted with the professors and administators on the academic side as well.

What has SENDAS meant for your lives?
For both of us, SENDAS means a place of learning. In every sense of the word. Theologically, of course, but also administratively, living in community as missionaries, academic learning. Professors, missionaries and staff of SENDAS have taught us in so many ways.

God has now called you to work on the SAM Region. We would like to know more about your assignments in this new endeavor.
We will be working in the North Andean Field, specifically in the country of Ecuador. Scarlet will be work in the administrative area and Esdras will be working with the Region supporting the national ministries.

We would like to be a part of your ministry through prayer. We would like to know what prayer requests you have on your hearts so we can be praying for you.
– For our trip and adjustment time as we begin to live in Ecuador
– That God may strenghthen our marriage and protect our children
– That we would be evangelists in all that we are assigned to do
– For the church in Ecuador to be a growing church
– For the theological education students in Ecuador
– For the pastors and lay leaders, that they would extend the Kingdom of God in Ecuador
– For the mission projects in Ecuador
– Fo the missionary team in Ecuador
– That God would prepare us as a family for what He has planned for us in Ecuador.

SENDAS is proud to be a part of the ministry of this special family. We are thankful to have had this time to share together in ministry, watching you grow in every way in your lives. We will continue to pray for you and we thank you for your ministry here at SENDAS.


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