Videoconference Equipment Donated by the Iowa and Tennessee Districts

At the Costa Rica North district assembly on February 5th, four educational centers received a video projector and three of them a sound system for the advancement of theological studies in their respective communities: Upala, Liberia, Ciudad Quesada and Poas. This was made possible by the generous donations from two districts in the United States: Tennessee and Iowa.

During both the Iowa and Tennessee NMI Conventions in July of 2013, missionaries David and Shelley Webb spoke about the need for equipment for videoconference in Costa Rica. The districts heard the message and responded with generous offerings, understanding that the training of pastors and leaders leads to stronger churches and more disciples.

The North district of Costa Rica recently purchased the videoconference units which allow various locations to connect by Internet. But that is not all that is needed. A center must have a well-lit classroom with sufficient space for desks, access to Internet, a good sound system and a projector. The pastors of the North Costa Rica district are so pleased to receive this additional equipment. Now the centers are prepared to begin videoconference courses in their local communities.

At the District Assembly, the District Superintendent Johnny Calvo encouraged each SENDAS extension center to make good use of this blessing of equipment just as soon as possible. He states, “This equipment will be used for theological education classes, pastoral and ministerial meetings as well as a variety of district trainings. The equipment will help the district to reduce transportation costs, to increase attendance at trainings and to help the pastors to complete the requirements for district license renewal, which requires a minimum of two courses each year. Glory to God for each one of you who participated in this offering. To God be the glory, honor and all the praise!”

SENDAS is at the cutting edge of videoconference theology courses in Latin America. In an effort to decentralize SENDAS’ education, three teaching modes have been put into place: satellite campuses, videoconference and online courses. All three are routinely offered through SENDAS for various degree programs. Nearly 800 students benefited from SENDAS courses in 2012-2013.

SENDAS is grateful to the Iowa and Tennessee districts for their generous donations for theological education in Costa Rica. Many students will benefit from their investment in pastors and church leaders.


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